To Start A Highly Successful Pressure Washing Company, You Have to Master The Basics

But There's a Problem...

  • You're a Complete Newbie

    There's so much to learn and you don't even know what you don't know. How do you get started when you don't know where to begin?

  • You Have No Plan

    It's hard to create even a simple plan when you lack the knowledge to get started. You're also on a budget so learning along the way can get expensive.

  • No On-Demand Training

    You've tried searching YouTube to string together the information you need but it's just to confusing... until now!

In This Professionally Produced On-Demand Video Training

You'll Discover...

  • How to create brand recognition that brings you more and more business as you grow

  • My website secrets to automating quotes and customer reviews freeing you up to grow your business even more

  • The number one value proposition that seals the deal with customers who will sign your praises

  • And too much more to list...

Course curriculum

How to start a pressure washing business

    1. Course Introduction

    2. 1.1 Are You An Entrepreneur?

    3. 1.2 Entrepreneurial Mindset

    4. 1.3 Characteristics Of An Entrepreneur

    5. 1.4 Innovation and Entrepreneurship

    6. 1.5 Why Businesses Fail

    1. Introduction To The Business Model Canvas

    2. 2.1 Conducting Market Research

    3. 2.2 Customer Segments

    4. 2.3 Pressure Washing Value Propositions

    5. 2.4 Channels How to Interface With Customers

    6. 2.5 Establishing Customer Relationships

    7. 2.6 Revenue Streams

    8. 2.7 Resources: What It Takes To Run Your Business

    9. 2.8 Establishing Key Activities

    10. 2.9 Creating Key Partnerships

    11. 2.10 Understanding Cost Structure

    12. 2.11 Putting It All Together

    1. Introduction to Branding

    2. 3.1 Your Name is Your Identity

    3. 3.2 Micro Script Your Tag Line

    4. 3.3 Logo Design

    5. 3.4 Your Brands Image

    1. 4.1 Do You Need a Business Plan?

    2. 4.2 Apply the Lean Startup Method

    3. 4.3 Launch Your Pressure Washing Business

    4. 4.4 Registering Your Business

    5. 4.5 Licenses, Permits, and Insurance

    6. 4.6 Key Services

    7. 4.7 Financial Considerations

    8. 4.8 Startup Costs and Cash Flow

    9. 4.9 Using the Startup Cost Worksheets

    10. 4.10 Setting Up Business Bank Accounts

    11. 4.11 Accounting and Customer Management

    12. 4.12 How to Charge for Services

    1. Introduction to Marketing and Sales

    2. 5.1 Establishing an Online Presence

    3. 5.2 Finding Keywords Related to Your Target Market

    4. 5.3 How to Create Your Business Website

    5. 5.4 Website Force Multipliers

    6. 5.5 How to Promote a Pressure Washing Business

    7. 5.6 Vehicle Signage

    8. 5.7 Estimate Door Hangers

    9. 5.8 Uniforms and Sublimation Shirts

    10. 5.9 Direct Mail Advertising

    11. 5.10 Google my Business Profile

    12. 5.11 Google Ads

    13. 5.12 Facebook Business Page

    14. 5.13 Facebook Ads

    15. 5.14 Local Business Directories

    16. 5.15 Website Blogging

    17. 5.16 Social Media Engagement

    1. 6.1 Godaddy Platform

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Bill Seith

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Bill is the founder of Neptune Clean LLC the fastest growing pressure washing company in Virginia Beach VA. He's a dynamic and innovative professional with a wide range of skills and a proven record of success in reshaping human performance and processes for greater impact. He is an Expert in business strategy development and workforce education. Bill is a retired Navy SEAL and holds two Master's degrees. One in Instructional Design and Technology with a history of training and mentoring professionals to attain set objectives. His second Master's is in Innovation and Entrepreneurship with a history of training and mentoring business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Pressure Washing Course: Testimonials

“I've know Bill since he started Neptune Clean which is a top-notch company. This course reflects the attention to detail he puts into everything he does. I've implemented many of his strategies into my business. If you're just starting out or looking to take your business to the next level, you can't go wrong purchasing this course!”

John Gibson - Gibson Clean OBX

“This is the only course that I know of that will take you from knowing nothing to operating your own professional pressure washing business.”

Brian Parker - VB Exterior Services

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